The Mario Schifano Archive was created in 2003 at the request of the artist’s widow Monica De Bei Schifano and their son Marco Giuseppe Schifano, sole heirs and exclusive holders of all copyrights pertaining to the artist.

The heirs of the painter, given their full right to claim ownership of their relative’s works, which are exclusively theirs, set up the Mario Schifano Archive as a not-for-profit association, with the primary purpose of objectively preserving the artistic memory of Mario Schifano in his creative variety. This was achieved both through the implementation of a project to archive the artist’s works and photographic materials relating to his life and his works, and through the publication of an annotated general catalogue of his works. Since its establishment, authoritative and respected art critics and experts have been invited to collaborate with the Archive, chosen for their in-depth knowledge of the work of Mario Schifano and for their close ties with the artist during his life in terms of respect, work and friendship. Through the Mario Schifano Archive, therefore, the heirs make use of their exclusive power to grant and/or deny the attribution of works to the artist, with the primary purpose of caring for, protecting and promoting the complex and overall artistic intellectual and social image of the author. Moreover they oppose any distortion, mutilation or other modification or damage to the works themselves, which could be prejudicial to the honour or reputation of their relative (arts. 20:23, L. April 22, 1941, n. 633).



Monica De Bei Schifano


Marco Giuseppe Schifano


Achille Bonito Oliva
Enrico Ghezzi
Ettore Rosboch


Laura Cherubini
Marco Meneguzzo
Rinaldo Rossi


Fulvio Abbate
Massimo D’Alessandro
Memmo Mancini
Gianni Michelagnoli
Luca Ronchi